Despair & Hope

This was our holiday weekend; nursing yet another dying cat, people walked past for weeks maybe months happy to order gyros whilst he slowly & painfully died of infection, are people blind or do they just not care?

It is soul-destroying to know it’s a weekend with no vets available that nothing will save them anyway as its too late, we cannot even assist in ending their misery.

So, we did what we do best & no one else can or will do we kept him clean, changed his position every few hours, kept his mouth moist, kept him warm & as pain free as we could. He knew he was cared for & felt safe & warm until he slipped away.

A huge thank you to the caring Athenian couple who did not turn away & brought him to us.

Something positive, today Eli kitten will arrive in the UK to be rehomed, & blind Ruby will be in Sweden next week in her new home!

A huge thank you to all of you who donated especially Claire & Carl in the UK & Dr Evanthia here.

Your generous & unexpected donations allowed us to fund Eli’s travel