Stray Cat Neutering

Big changes for the better this year we hope!

Our neutering programme continued throughout last year via our fantastic vet Eleni Maroulaki

In addition to your donations paying for emergency operations and neutering we received a huge award from Hard Luck Paws

Well done to the dozens of you who made the effort and took your strays into Chania.

Since we ceased collaboration in the Apokoronas Dimos neutering programme we received many desperate calls from people wanting traps/cat carriers and loan of our neutering equipment.

With the court case ended we could not ignore the pleas for help anymore and decided to distribute our equipment at various points across Apokoronas with our dedicated volunteers. Anyone wanting to borrow equipment for private or Arche Noah neutering sessions can contact the following ladies:

Beverley, Neo Chorio: 0030 6949282477

Louise, Xirosterni: 0030 6977229915

Lorna, Kokkino Chorio: 0030 2825031308

Landline with answerphone please leave a message with what you need Lorna will get back to you.

Please note they are not for dumping animals on they are here to teach and hand out the equipment, but you will be performing the trapping.

Animals Corner – Veterinarian Eleni Maroulaki

Efedron Polemiston 21, Chania

Tel: 28210 79390

also details can be found on our facebook page Apokoronas Cat Neutering

Monday-Thursday-Friday 10:00-13:30 & 18:00-20:30

Tuesday & Wednesday 10:00-17:30