Appeal for blind kitty

Hi everyone these pictures are difficult to look at but people need to see what we do and why we do it. Simple cat flu turns into bacterial infection it destroys the eyes they go blind.

This gentle loving female heavily pregnant was left on the streets slowly losing her eyes for the want of a vet visit and simple eye drops.

By the time she was rescued she was blind her ears scorched and scarred by the sun. Euthanasia was discussed but such a gentle creature who would do well in a safe environment once healed deserved a chance, sadly her kittens did not make it.

Very affectionate she will take another month to recover and needs to gain the confidence to explore her surroundings and use her whiskers and other senses. We need to raise the funds for her after-care and find a loving, safe home obviously indoors.

If you cannot adopt please donate towards giving her a new life.