My name is Scoot!

I’m a 16 week old handsome young man. Unfortunately I’ve spent most of my life locked up in a very small cage being tormented by 7 dogs, until I was rescued recently.

My favorite thing is to be with you. I’ll follow you around and try and trip you up when I rub myself on your legs, but it’s best when you sit down. I love sitting touching you, and purr very loudly until I fall asleep. I love playing with toys and doing zoomies round the living room. I’m learning not to be frightened of loud noises but I will run to you for comfort if I’m scared.

I’m very respectful of other cats. My foster Mum is very impressed how I try to be friends with her cats, but also respect their space. I’m very clean and always use my litter tray. I’m not particularly bothered about food, I like my kitten biccies, but I really like fresh water, especially if it’s in my foster mums glass! I’m cheeky and playful and I’m looking forward to being your cuddle bunny!

Yours purringly Scoot xxxx

We need to raise £450 for his travel to the UK or find an adopter who will love & care for him please help our little one.