Easter appeal

We hope our cat people understand a creature in need is worthy of our help we know many of our cat people have dogs too.

Picture a young dog terrified, freezing cold, hiding behind stinking bins scavenging food passers by leave for her. Her back leg a hideous open wound to the bone, her tail bleeding days go by no one takes her to a vet or gives her shelter. Rescue organisations either can`t or wont help when called let’s face it where all overwhelmed.

Wet weather approaches the wound gets worse we can’t stand to see her suffer any longer we organise pup to be given emergency vet care/meds. Kept overnight by our cat foster mum who collected her from the bins she’s now warm and pain free before settling in with her new foster mum next day. Tracee Walton steps up offers to help and send pup to UK for adoption.

Meanwhile we have two of us disabled unable to drive, another who can but shouldn’t be, yet we still manage all this over a weekend and arrange a trip to our vet in Chania Monday for further treatment and x-rays!

Our rage and devastation are complete when the x-rays reveal she has been shot, pellets took off the tip of her tail penetrated her back leg lodged in her chest utterly outrageous.

We are asking for donations to save this pups leg, pay for her blood tests, passport, travel and care we will be lucky if we manage to save her without spending £1000 or more.

We can’t help volunteers feed our feral cats the kittens are arriving but how human would we be if we like everyone else left `Peggy’ as she is now called to die by the bins….