Difficult Times . .

Those of you following Heather`s posts on facebook will know Sweety came to us at the weekend for intensive care, she was deteriorating rapidly. Despite emergency care on Monday morning sadly her heart gave out whilst our vet was trying to treat her.

People have been asking the cause, its not pleasant but sometimes we do postmortems on difficult cases to make sure we have all done what we can & learn what care we can change if anything in the future.
Sweety had overwhelming infection from old wounds, her lungs and chest cavity were filled with pus, nothing would have saved this brave girl.


Meanwhile to add to our distress Vinnie from ARIA despite everyone’s best efforts had to be let go the ear cancer and infection had spread, he too was a brave boy.

On a good note meet Zippy the joint child! He is around 3 weeks old, still bottle feeding three hourly, & he seems very healthy, we think his mummy was run over. If anyone can give him a home or help in any way please do!