Appeal for food funds

We continue to support our community & the stray cats with food many are beginning to starve if they survive the poisonings. Please if you can send early Xmas presents to feed our strays in December, we need €540 a month for their food alone.

Meanwhile we carry on doing what we do best nursing the sickest cats despite those who seek to stop us. Our world is trapping in the pouring rain when no one else can or will, the Dimos turn a blind eye. This poor boy sees our vet tomorrow I doubt he can be saved but tonight he is warm, dry, fed, comfortable for the first time in months.

Robin A night out with the girls is Bev bringing round a dying kitten found sitting in the rain surrounded by broken glass, fitting, blind in one eye, covered in foul diarrhoea Robin joined me & Heather overnight then came home with me. We think he has toxoplasmosis meningitis it will be a long road to recovery for him, but we have done it before!He needs a sponsor &/or an adopter he may well be left with special needs but should do well.


Thom Another bin kitten starving to death one of many suffering because of the failed neutering programme. Thom is older than he looks possibly 10 weeks but miraculously has no infections & with warmth, love & food is thriving.

We need a loving home for him he is a funny little boy, full of spirit, he is accepting cuddles, using his litter trays, playing & learning life is worth living. As always the furry ones send thanks