Plenty of fish

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Hi, my name’s Gordon. I’m named after Flash Gordon as I have a white lightening strike of fur down my back. I look bigger than my brother, but I’m not. I weigh a lot less, ‘I’s not fat, I’s fluffy!’……

I’ve not quite got the knack to eating properly yet and tend to get it all around my face. I tend to face plant in the food lol! A quick wipe from my foster Mum cleans me up! Cos I’m so fluffy my fur is very soft, but I like being brushed and will need this daily.

My favourite toys are small balls with bells in them, and the toy tunnel where I can hide and then pounce on my brother.

I love cuddling up to my brother to sleep.

Dating profile


Hi, my name is Bruce, I’m named after a lovely old gentleman with a receding hairline! đŸ˜‚. I’ve been told I look like the cartoon character, a Moomin, but my foster Mum couldn’t face shouting Moomin down the garden!

My favourite pastime is chewing my brothers head! Although I do like playing with my toys and jumping off cardboard boxes.

I’ve taken a long time to get used to the litter tray but I have a lot less accidents now. I’m a very clean eater and my face is always clean, unlike my brother!

My brother and I would love to be your companions. We play together all the time when we aren’t eating or sleeping so we are very easy to look after.