Urgent Kitten Appeal

Update 6th October

Tanni has found a home joining our rescue kitten (Tinkerbell aka Witzy)

Update 3rd October

Tanni visited the vets where she had her sutures out and her first vaccination

Update 26th September, 10:30am

Tanni came home yesterday afternoon & has already started to adapt on her three legs jumping & getting around her cage with just a few mishaps like tripping over her bed! No signs of infection so far she goes back to have her sutures removed in 10 days.


18:17 Update

First indications are good as Tanni has survived the anaesthetic. She is apparently sitting up watching our vet! The operation went really well, we now can relax a little in the hope the antibiotics stop any infection post-op. Tanni sends purrs to those of you who have kindly helped towards the bill for her operation.

Tanni is a 5 week old female kitten who needs our help donations are needed for emergency surgery & aftercare.

Tanni was seen cowering in the middle of a busy intersection on the National Highway her brave foster mum stopped oncoming traffic & picked her up off the road & took her to our vet.

We assume she was thrown onto the highway where she landed on her shoulder paralysing her right front leg, she also had a laceration running thigh to ankle on her back leg. Our vet sutured the laceration giving antibiotics & cortisone injections to prevent infection & reduce swelling of the radial nerve in the paralysed leg.

Prognosis for her paralysed front leg was poor & amputation a probable necessity, usually we leave this as long as possible to allow the kitten to grow & thus reduce the anesthetic risk.

Over the first week she responded well & with patience & lots of handling began to purr & enjoy her cuddles. Sadly by the end of the week leg had swollen to twice its normal size & smelt offensive, she had gangrene.

Back to the vet for more antibiotics & despite the grave reservations of an anesthetic on such a tiny kitten amputation will have to be performed or she will die of blood poisoning.

If she survives the operation today we will also need someone to come forward with a special home for such a brave little kitten.