Fifi, Mimi, Harley & Marley

A heartfelt thanks to all those asking if were ok or needed help to fund the legal fees.We continue our charitable work for the stray cats of Apokoronas despite the shock of our home & garden being invaded with a police search warrant, the trauma of being arrested & charged by the police, vital equipment & medications confiscated and the €5000 fine levied by the Chania Veterinary Association and instigated by the local vet Georgios I. Mousourakis in Kalyves.

Nobbin, Mimi and Fifi

Supported by decent, honest, moral people such as many members of Apokoronas Dimos council, loyal volunteers, local villagers, friends, family, and most of all our Greek vet, volunteer vets including Förderverein Arche Noah Kreta.

The online & written petition to the mayor asking for us to continue organising neutering collected 2,088 signatures worldwide, truly amazing! Sadly, despite many trying we could not arrange a meeting to discuss & submit the petition (it will not be wasted).

Marley and Harley

Meanwhile we have special ones looking for special humans… months of intensive treatment, nights spent awake trying to keep them alive, operations, medicines, love, and more care then off to foster mum Heather for the boys the girls stayed with us and carried on climbing trees!

So many involved our fabulous vets, adopters, those who donated to pay the bills, foster parents, friends who keep us sane, dedicated volunteers, Tracee who organised the transport & got our kittens to Derby once again, flight escorts, drivers, fabulous Aunty Jane & Uncle Paul who said yes to rehoming our blind kittens when no one else could or would give them a chance.

Lastly special hugs go to John & Christine who now have a houseful of Greek cats & generously donated the thousands it took to send them to the UK.LOOK WHAT WE ALL DID!!!

Contact Jane at Woodland Nook if you can adopt.