Urgent appeal kitten adoption

It is with great relief we are happy to announce that the little black kitten has been adopted

We have a little one about 6 weeks old tiny more like 4 weeks of age his litter lost mummy at a few weeks of age thrown out in the middle of nowhere left to fend for themselves.

Much to the distress of the lady feeding them, 3 of his siblings disappeared & he was found one morning alone hiding in the wall we presume they were taken during the night by some predator.

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Crete has highest number of reported animal abuse cases in 2013

This young cat was found on Thursday (16/10/14) staggering in the road by Vamos Post Office (suffering distressing & agonising symptoms of poisoning).  Now undergoing treatment, only time will tell if she survives

Crete, closely followed by Attica where Athens belongs, comes top in the number of reported cases of animal abuse in Greece for 2013 and the first half of 2014. According to data from the Greek Police and Tourism directorate given to parliament last week, in 2013 there were 102 incidents of abuse, torture or killing of animals in Crete closely followed by Attica with 99 reported cases out of a total of 530 cases nationally.  In the first half of 2014 there were a total of 495 cases of reported animal abuse torture or killing of animals in Greece and the figures are expected to exceed the high of the previous year. Crete had the second highest number of cases, 79, while in Attica there were 107 cases of animal abuse reported to the police.

Source: Apokoronas News

Andreas Liodakis Illegal Dog Breeder in Chania Court

Using fake identities both for himself and the dogs Liodakis allegedly stole then sold the dogs for €150, sometimes stealing them back to sell them to other unsuspecting customers!The Animal Welfare Association of Chania had been vainly trying to incriminate him for 7 years, many people were aware of his atrocious activities & the terrible conditions he left the animals in, but where unwilling to intervene, fortunately another complaint submitted in August led to his arrest & the rescue of 20 dogs & 7 puppies, sadly due to the total lack of care given to the dogs by Liodakis one of the dogs died on the way to the veterinarian.

Liodakis is due to appear on 8th October 2014


Animal Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals” 27th September 2014

Apokoronas News 1st October 2014

Appeal for Fineas

21st November 2014

Here is Fineas (right) reclining with his new feline grandma! Our lucky boy from such an awful beginning is now safe and loved in his new home in England. Thanks to everyone involved from the Greek couple that picked him up off the roadside, Eleni who operated on him, everyone involved in his care and most of all Janna & partner for adopting him

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