BEWARE, KALYVES poisoned meatballs all over the town

Dogs and cats found dead. If you find dead animals photograph them and please inform Vrysses police station 28250 51205.

DO NOT induce vomiting in cats or use the drug FILTARON used for dogs it can cause cats to stop breathing. Your veterinarian may use it but it’s not safe outside of veterinary care.

for information on poisoning

Bin cats beaten to death in Kokkino Chorio

Please watch your cat colonies and cats in this area, we have an animal abuser using a blunt object beating cats to death with blows to the head.

Last night two adults and a kitten from a much loved colony were beaten to death last night, the rest of the bin cats are clearly distressed and afraid. Another was missing and has just been taken to the vet, having been beaten lower down on its body (20/10/16) seen by vet and found to have been in a catfight, not beaten).

The Mayors office & the police are now involved, the dedicated carer has for many years watched over and cared for these village cats & she is willing to give them a formal statement.

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This was a brutal calculated attack on defenceless beings, whoever it is should be treated with caution.

Please circulate this information locally despite little chance of prosecution the culprit must know we are not intimated and the Dimos will prosecute.

Crete has highest number of reported animal abuse cases in 2013

This young cat was found on Thursday (16/10/14) staggering in the road by Vamos Post Office (suffering distressing & agonising symptoms of poisoning).  Now undergoing treatment, only time will tell if she survives

Crete, closely followed by Attica where Athens belongs, comes top in the number of reported cases of animal abuse in Greece for 2013 and the first half of 2014. According to data from the Greek Police and Tourism directorate given to parliament last week, in 2013 there were 102 incidents of abuse, torture or killing of animals in Crete closely followed by Attica with 99 reported cases out of a total of 530 cases nationally.  In the first half of 2014 there were a total of 495 cases of reported animal abuse torture or killing of animals in Greece and the figures are expected to exceed the high of the previous year. Crete had the second highest number of cases, 79, while in Attica there were 107 cases of animal abuse reported to the police.

Source: Apokoronas News

Cats & Dogs poisoned in Kalamitsi-Exopoli area

Happened between 4pm Saturday afternoon, when I left the house and 6.30pm when my daughter got in. One was in the last throws when she arrived. Think the poison was thrown in the garden as two cats got it too and they were all within a few yards of the front door. Small friendly dogs. Foaming at mouth (and other end) 3 puppies now without a mother. Police came up and we made an official report.

Our Greek Vets, Arche Noah & all our volunteers and donators who have assisted in helping the above animals are and will be appalled at such brutal & callous behaviour.