Hebe, a kitten with a broken leg

A very devastating start to the New Year (2017) those of you who visit us have seen Hebe running around the garden scaling trees like she had 6 legs. Rescued from an olive grove peppered with lead shot her leg broken beyond repair. Hebe came through the trauma of losing her leg as a kitten by then we could not bear to part with her, she stayed with us added to our menagerie of waifs and strays. After days stuck indoors with bad weather full of energy she raced off to investigate her fields and trees, she slipped from her favourite olive tree dying from the trauma of her injuries. Hebe would never have been happy trapped indoors, it is now very quiet without her & she is sorely missed.

26th October 2013 Hebe had her leg amputated.  She seems to have no pain, she has had an antibiotic injection just in case & we need to find her a safe home, she can go outside but needs no busy roads & will always be a little clumsy.

Hebe post op

Hebe had a fracture of her ankle joint & this would have been easily fixed with a bandage & cast for a month to 6 weeks. As it was left untreated she walked on it & the skin came off where it hit the floor. She would not have felt this after the nerve supply was cut off by the break.  Infection has now set into the bone & the leg cannot be saved.

She is now on antibiotics, we will build her up with vitamin paste & fish prior to her operation next Thursday, the vet will amputate the broken leg.

Hebe when she arrived

We shall have to teach her to walk on three legs, hopefully she will adapt to this but she will always be vulnerable to dog attacks, tomcats, & polecats. She will also be quite clumsy & losing another leg is not an option she could live with. It is depressing seeing such a lovely kitten disabled. Bone breaks must be set within a week to stop life threatening complications.