Churchyard Orphans

see more pictures & video here

We have the first orphans arrived from a churchyard no mother to be seen. We have been known to be wrong but…..

One cute boy the smallest grey spots very cute, cuddly he kisses & purrsss already!

Three tricolour girls one very small, a medium & a large noisy fat one obviously mummies favourite! Currently bottle feeding 3 hourly they are thriving the girls have the most amazing beige/grey colour to their coats.

Usually we wait but these kittens are the first healthy litter we have had in two years so we are taking a chance & asking for adopters to come forward now they will be ready to go in approx. 7 weeks (mid June).

Last year only 4 cats were homed on Crete two of them Flossie no teeth & Hebe joined our menagerie, the rest were sent across Europe at immense cost, we must be able to do better than that!