Kittens to Adopt (updated 4th February 2015)

We have assorted waifs & strays needing homes, they are all vaccinated, micro chipped & treated for infections / injury, we can assist with neutering.
Ideally you can offer a home on Crete, otherwise please send this appeal to any friends or relatives in Europe who maybe interested in adopting a Greek rescue kitten or cat.

Sydney & Sybil

Sybil: 17 weeks old stunning beige tabby sadly taken away from her feral mother by those feeding them as she had pneumonia, an ulcerated left eye from cat flu which is now healed.
Sybil is an independent spirit everything is on her terms! But pick her up she purrs enjoying human contact & cuddles also happy to have other cats around.
Sybil is vaccinated, micro chipped and will be neutered.

Update: Sybil has been sent to the UK in the care of Woodland Nook, if anyone can adopt this lovely girl please contact Jane, Tel: 07941 806536.

Lazarus: Larry as he is affectionately known is a young male with a terribly sad history, a joint rescue effort. Staggering along a road in Chania his face ripped open by trauma he was picked up by a local Greek woman & taken to our vet Eleni Maroulaki. His care & operations kindly funded by his rescuer.

Lazarus & Hebe

Larry’s jaw was shattered, his sinuses & wounds infected, during his operation Eleni removed 30 maggots from his face & nasal wounds. He spent many weeks with his jaw wired, he was dehydrated & starving. His infections were difficult to cure but tests for FIV/FeLV were thankfully negative. He was treated for a multitude of acquired parasites, he had been injured for some time before being rescued. Vaccines have been delayed until he is fully fit,  he is neutered.

Subsequently Larry is blinded in the left eye & has residual brain damage (his cry is odd & he needs constant love & attention or he gets very scared). He is clean & eats normally & is using the cat flap! He continues to have issues breathing through his nose, his septum is scarred with nasal passages narrowing for which we are having to give antibiotics as his sinuses remain infected, he is with us for after-care, feeding up & lots of TLC.

He adores other cats as you can see from the picture Hebe is his new love… His bib looks yellow in the photograph but is now white after numerous washes, typical boy we have to wash his face.
We need a special home for this disabled boy who has been through so much, he is young between 1-2 years of age & he  has many years ahead of him but may continue to have chronic sinus infections needing antibiotics. We are searching for special people to adopt him or sponsorship for his future needs.


Update: Larry developed a life threatening infection in his sinus bones (pseudomonas & proteus) blood & pus pouring from his nose. He has undergone 5 months of both intravenous & oral antibiotics now daily injections his recent swab was negative at last! We continue for another month to make sure then check him for fungal infection. He remains with us indoors added to our other waif & strays! Larry as he is affectionately known a young male terribly sad history a joint rescue effort (04/02/15).


Martha: This young lady of approximately 5 months of age was born in an olive grove into a colony of village cats fed by Greeks & their English neighbour. She was brought into us starved & dehydrated with a severely infected left foreleg & we thought she might lose the leg. Profuse diarrhoea did not help & she required treatment for giardia & coccidia. Martha is vaccinated, micro chipped & will be neutered.

Now she has almost doubled her weight & the leg is healed (although she has been left with a slight limp) Martha is desperate for love and affection, she likes other cats & is now playing, can you give this lovely cat a home? Update: Martha has a lovely home in the UK!


Chilli: Stunning tricolour girl about 9-10 weeks old, she was rescued by cat lovers from a taverna as her eyes were full of puss, she had ringworm & parasite overload. Treated with loving care, antibiotics and anti-fungal medication she is fully recovered. A playful & lovely natured cat, she is ready for a new home,   she would fit into a household with or without other cats.

Update: We are distressed at the sad news Chilli fell from a tree and suffered fatal injuries & died. Commiserations to her adopted family (04/02/15)

If you cannot adopt please donate  or ask friends & relatives if they can help, the felines of Crete need all the help they can get!