an update

Many ask for updates on the court case we await Chania court’s decision on our perjury claims against Xenakis/Mousourakis. Meanwhile the criminal case is proceeding through the court system we are so lucky to have your support and such a fantastic lawyer (Maria Papadaki).

Despite the strain of vexatious litigation our rescue cats give us the will to carry on:



Now in the UK safe from abuse after months of vet care/nursing/foster care were thrilled to say he is idolized & adored by his adopter. Thanks to all of you who helped us rescue this darling boy.



This week released back to his furry friends/colony after spinal trauma/tail amputation he had months of rehabilitation/nursing care almost fully recovered now running around watched over by Bev & Lorna.



On the streets sick suffering from advanced kidney disease, took a joint effort between us, Natasa (Apicorno) who took Fluffy to our vet, the lovely Alexandria who with our financial help has taken her home for end-of-life care.

We need sponsors for Fluff’s vet bills & food.



Dying on the street dehydration/infection pus pouring from his nose scooped up by Heather tame & familiar with litter trays he must have been abandoned. Parasites treated, vet check under sedation bloods for everything including FIV/FeLV. A young boy 18 months of age super affectionate we were all devastated but not surprised when his tested FIV positive. We had the dilemma he can’t go back on the streets to die an awful death; he needs treatment the sinus infection is clearing with antibiotics. With love and good care, he should live a normal life indoors.

Please can anyone in Europe/UK give this poor boy a loving home?



She has crept into the house…. Recovered from the trauma of back leg amputation, left with arthritis pain she now has good pain relief, lost weight is running around again. Peggy still needs a loving home we don’t have the time to give her what she needs lots of cuddles, attention she loves humans can anyone give her a home?

Elmo kitten


Hand reared after found collapsed by tourists on the roadside his umbilical cord still attached with Gary & Sarah foster parents having great fun with Colin his adopted brother! Sadly, Colin has a home to go to but Elmo does not surely someone can adopt this utterly gorgeous boy he adores cuddles toddling around exploring about 5-6 weeks of age.

Finally Trevor the sweet water turtle…yes we did say turtle!


Crushed twice by a car now our honorary cat as he must have 9 lives! Under instruction from vets/turtle rescue he had emergency superglue & dressing tape sutures to his wounds mostly we glued ourselves! He needs 6 weeks care for the shell to knit together then we will release back into the wild in a stream far from cars.

Please ADOPT, DONATE, most of all FOSTER or VOLUNTEER we cannot do this without you all!

Fifi, Mimi, Harley & Marley

A heartfelt thanks to all those asking if were ok or needed help to fund the legal fees.We continue our charitable work for the stray cats of Apokoronas despite the shock of our home & garden being invaded with a police search warrant, the trauma of being arrested & charged by the police, vital equipment & medications confiscated and the €5000 fine levied by the Chania Veterinary Association and instigated by the local vet Georgios I. Mousourakis in Kalyves.

Nobbin, Mimi and Fifi
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Help Our Cretan Cats

Please Please everyone, everywhere adopt a kitten!

We have 6 perfectly normal, humanized and adorable Fluffie’s stuck here! We can part pay travel to UK or elsewhere in Europe if you cannot afford the full fees.

The Olive Tree

Vaccinated, passports, microchipped, treated for everything and some neutered if old enough!

Harry, Flash & Ed

These gorgeous boys abandoned had nasty eye infections now treated and all have good vision. Paul & Angie have been doing the hard work caring for them as we are full.

12 weeks of age amazingly beautiful triplet boys two with very unusual beige coats and their ginger brother. Vaccinated, microchipped please give them a home!

Drowning in Kittens!

Desperately sad approx. 8 weeks of age all contracted cat flu, between 4 of them we have one good eye…. With care they can go outside into fenced off gardens, patios, or indoor cats perfect for flats.

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Disabled Kittens Need Your Help!

Any rescue organisations can help re home or any lovely, caring humans can adopt/foster or donate. We have a terribly sad tale, Apokoronas kittens are being blinded by Herpes/Chlamydia infections so many are now being born as neutering dates are cancelled and cat pregnancies increase.

Marley, Fifi & Mimi

Marley the pot bellied pig! Lovely tabby boy we will need to remove both his eyes at around 12 weeks of age.

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