HELP! Three stunning black kits for Halloween!

Arthur & Dave through no fault of their own have lost their adopters twice . . . sleek, fit & healthy, these stunning kittens we can’t tell them apart hence the collars!

Five months of age, neutered, vaccinated, chipped with passports they adore cuddles, other cats & humans can anyone give them a home!
Chloe is a young female approx. 2 years, run over left for dead by the roadside her pelvis broken. Months of cage rest & nursing now out in the garden, playing with our kittens, running normally she is a bit stiff but improves daily.

Neutered, vaccinated, chipped & has a passport. Chloe likes other cats, timid she needs love and warmth she is a beautiful nature.

Finally the kittens in the Almyrida olive grove started to arrive thanks to the hard work of Heather who caught the first little girl. Eyes hanging out they are dying slowly of infection, we think there are 2 more siblings to catch but they are quick!

Their destroyed eyes will be removed, all infections treated, once healthy we need safe homes for them & donations to treat these poor little creatures.
If anyone can help catch them we will take them, message first to make sure we are home. The kittens are here (google maps pin)