Appeal for Food & Felines

You are amazing!
We made it to feed them for another month because of your generosity!
300 kg on its way for the strays!

Apologies we are broke, sadly no food yet to distribute this month but were working on it! Meanwhile we have been carrying on tending to the sickest cats & clearing up after Dimos neutering.

We have the following needing sponsors/adopters:

Sponsor for Jinny’s care: a favourite of Plaka dental care/meds & many washes… Jinny is going to Heather H for end of life care.

Fifi: Our dear little girl has survived pneumonia and losing her eye she is the sweetest, loving little cat now healthy she needs a home.

Pandy: This little stray girl wandered in off the streets, collapsed FIP positive, lost an eye, then this week had to have all her teeth removed. She needs continuing food & care.

Donations for cat food, the food feeds such as Mummy feral: Repeated kittens and a hideous wound brought this young mum to her knees. Abscess drained, neutered, parasite treated and rested she was released back to her kittens.

Please support our cats any way you can! Thank you as always