Vet Pool publish impressive statistics

Auf-unseren-langen-Wegen-ist-uns-Transparenz-wichtigIn the past 8 months by your donations were 4209 operations, which performed 3,898 sterilizations and an estimated 7,000 animals receive medical care. we castrated with our teams in 1386 females, 783 males, 1124 cats, 605 male and performed 311 different operations. method was used to Cape Verde Islands, the Dominican Republic, Romania and Greece. Requests from other countries we had to cancel because the funds could not be applied.

Aptera Cat Colony

We are staying in Aptera Appartments and have met the lady who takes care of the cats. She does an KatinasColonyawesome job yet could use some help of the (MANY) tourists who spent their holidays in Aptera. Please help this lady by either donating catfood (leave it in the house on the square where tha cats are staying, it’s the house in the curve with the old fence, see the pictures at the catcolony site).

In general the Greek do not take care of their cat and we all know that we could spare a little money for this great cat program or help this sweet generous lady with some cat food!

Know that you don’t help the cat reproduce themselves ( the cat program takes care of sterilising the cats!!) but you help the cats who are already alive have a little bit better life…..which is a great holiday thought…..right? read more