Viviann arrived emaciated in the garden of one of our dedicated volunteers, too weak to move she was brought in to us.

We gave her fluids a bath, warmth & food, covered in parasites so bad her fur was missing she is bald in many places.
We tested her for FIV/FeLV which thankfully was negative she needed parasite & eye infections treated is now gaining weight.
Testing her liver & kidneys are functioning is her next hurdle.

Vivian is older than she looks approximately 1 year she has had kittens in the past.
Affectionate & vocal this is not a feral cat she must have been owned by someone, we can only imagine she was abandoned unable to fend for herself to end up in this horrifying condition.
Viviann will be with us for some time treating the malnutrition.

The goal is to get her well then re home this gorgeous girl either here or send her to the UK in the care of Woodland Nook Cat Rescue.
Donations for her veterinary bills & care would be appreciated.