Aptera Cat Colony

Approximately 50 cats are being fed by a local Greek lady who has become overwhelmed by their needs. We are providing food every month, veterinary care and a neutering program also supported by volunteers and her neighbours.
The cats are suffering from server fungal disease and skin infections, we have paid for our vet to take skin samples for testing. To regain their health this colony will need fungicide treatment, many have severe flea allergy and are riddled with parasites

We are seeking donations for the following:
• Medication to treat the skin/fungal infections, this may take up to 4 months
• Stronghold & Frontline Combo for parasite treatment of all 50 for 4 months to enable the colony to recover
• Medication for the numerous eye infections (Tobrex)

We have worked out without the fungal treatments (still waiting on skin samples) we need the following for four months of parasite treatments to get the colony healthy: 26 Stronghold (Large dog 40-50kg), 26 Frontline Combo (Large dog 40kg) Drontal/Milbemax or Profender largest cat sizes 25-30.
A total of €782 plus fungal medication! If anyone can donate a vial it would all help in the meantime we shall treat the injured, the poorest in health & neuter those we can.
It is common practice here to use large dog size vials of both these products BUT ONLY THESE (Frontline, Frontline Combo & Stronghold) the chemical formula is the same therefore safe to use in the correct dose on cats. Our vets worked out the regime we also used NOAH compendium for animal drugs to ensure we give correct doses. It means we get 4 adult doses out of one vial sometimes more with kittens thereby halving our drug bills.