Please help Arche Noah maintain their Food Bridge project

Dear friends of animals,

With the following I would like to address all those who have the project “food bridge” at heart.

The Food Bridge:

In the framework of the project “Food Bridge” initiated by Noah’s Ark Society large amounts of donated pet food, material and animal transport boxes, which are so very important for our Greek animal welfare associations, have been sent per container appr. 4 times a year from Germany to Crete.

To stop this project would be quite inconceivable –  and yet it is on the brink of failure. Since the retreat of one of the main supporters of the project, its future is totally unclear.

Without the support we have had so far the project can no longer be sustained in its former size due to lack of funding. In co-operation with Noah’s Ark we have to find solutions to keep it going.

Without the containers of material and food donations many animal welfare associations  will definitely no longer be able to continue their work, as they depend on this support.

APAL has taken on to organize the logistics of the container on Crete. This also involves making a list of the actual number of animals being cared for in 34 different animal welfare associations, foster homes and persons, who individually look after stray animals.

On the arrival of the latest container 1250 dogs and 1900 cats were registered.

The Förderverein Arche Noah Kreta e.V.  would like to ask all the partners in animal welfare involved to contribute to the funding of  future containers.

1,200 Euros are needed just to clear the container out of Heraklion port, the customs’ fees, the transport to the warehouse and storing. With only 2 instead of the usual 4 deliveries per year the expenses amount to 2,400 Euros annually.  The expenses for the handling in Germany, which are much higher, have not even been considered.

Since all the animal welfare partners on Crete – including our own association – are already short of money without these additional expenses, we turn towards you for support in order to keep the food bridge alive, thus permitting thousands of stray animals on Crete to win their daily fight of survival.

This easiest way to help is a donation directly to the account of  Noah’s Ark:

Förderverein Arche Noah Kreta e. V. / Tierärztepool
Institut: Commerzbank Lübeck
BLZ: 230 400 22
Kto.: 020923900
IBAN: DE02 2304 0022 0020 9239 00

ref: Futterbrücke

Please help us to continue our work. It is dreadful to have financial problems in addition to all the other daily intricacies we have to deal with.


Please find more information regarding the food bridge on the website of

Förderverein Arche Noah Kreta e.V.: