Vets Across Greece On 24h Strike To Protest “Stupid” Pet Law

The Panhellenic Veterinary Association opposes the new Greek law on pet ownership for several reasons:

Mandatory sterilization: They believe it poses health risks to animals and doesn’t effectively reduce strays.

Mandatory DNA testing and microchipping: They find it expensive, unnecessary, and impractical.

Fines for treating unregistered animals: They see it as unfair to veterinarians and detrimental to animal welfare.

New pet registry: They consider it bureaucratic and time-consuming.

High VAT on pet vaccines and medicine: They believe it discourages responsible pet ownership.

The Panhellenic Veterinary Association proposes alternative solutions:

Staffing and funding municipal veterinary clinics and shelters.

Recognizing the health book as an official health certificate.

Lowering VAT on pet vaccines and medicine.

The Panhellenic Veterinary Association criticizes the law as:

Unscientific and ineffective.

Drafted by unqualified individuals.

Motivated by financial gain rather than animal welfare.

Overall, the Panhellenic Veterinary Association urges the government to reconsider the law and implement more effective and humane solutions for animal welfare.