A Tail of Three Tabies

We stopped on the way to Vrisses at an area to see some wild orchids that we knew grew on a piece of wasteland. Up a track appeared 3 kittens, we thought what a strange area for them to be in as there was nothing around & we concluded they had been abandoned.

They were very friendly & luckily we always carry cat biscuits in the car, we thought we could feed them but they did not have a clue about eating cat biscuits.

The 2 little boys we continued to visit and feed.  However we noticed over time that the tabby boy was not eating properly and he remained thin. He was desperate for fuss & petting, it was hard to leave them there alone.

We were very concerned as the 2 youngest looked thin and not in a good condition, we promised to come back the next day with some wet food. The next day only 2 were there but they were really pleased to see us and gorged as much as they possibly could. We stayed for a while and looked for the 3rd kitten, discovering then she was more timid because her front paw was completely missing, she was hobbling on 3 legs.Something had to be done the with the little female kitten & sadly the leg required amputation.

We contacted The Cats Pyjamas Rescue, Apokoronas who immediately offered their help. After a health check & parasite treatments they have fostered them for neutering , TLC & hopefully loving homes.

We were so elated that they did not have to return to an area of no hope. Our Greek friend Stella said she would take them to stay on her farm & it was decided the bigger of the 2 boys would be fine but his brother the little tabby would be too vulnerable as he loved human company so much. He has boundless love and affection to give.