Christmas Greetings!

A heartfelt thank you to those who have supported our work this year in so many ways; donations that fund our work, our Greek & German vets who treat our sick cats & neuter with such care & skill, & to the foster mothers who nurture our recovering cats & kittens. Also the volunteers who brave often extreme weather to trap our feral cats for the neutering sessions, those who feed & care for their own cat colonies & the colonies we support with food & veterinary care.

Lastly the many who help in an endless variety of ways we could not do this work without you all.

Christmas Appeal
Every year we have a ‘Kitty Krate’ shipped over from the UK full of donated equipment, medicines, food & many other things we need to buy for the cats.

Thanks to the generosity of Nomad International & also Jane & Roger Newbury we have 2 crates this year coming over partially funded. We are asking for donations to make up the remainder of the shipping fees. The contents of the crates easily outweigh the cost of shipping these supplies & are vital to continue our efforts.

Some have asked if they can donate items to the crates and to this end we have made an Equipment list that we are desperately short of, please post to Woodland Nook Rescue Centre  indicating it is for the Cretan Cats.

This was originally the idea of Jane & Paul Lynegar & they have our love & thanks for their efforts in making & delivering the crates, packing them & collecting donated items all year round.