Appeal for food

Apologies for the distressing images but how better to explain the utter trauma, despair and frustration felt by our vets & volunteers faced with having to deal with this hideous animal abuse. Politicians look away, the police can do nothing as local witnesses disappear intimidated & fearful for their own animals if they speak out.

We are paying the financial & emotional price of our stray cats being used as target practice by psychopaths with shotguns. This year has been the worst ever, these are only the few we find others surely have crawled off in agony to die.

The pictures speak for themselves, but outrage is not enough, Facebook posts are not enough we need everyone to step up do something or contact the Mayor & Mr Stavrolakis asking them to intervene We have asked them to contact our local police to make enquiries around the village making it clear this is unacceptable, anyone in these locations please talk to your neighbours & village representative and local counsellors.

Meanwhile our winter is here our cats will starve, under the weight of legal bills, normal running costs and using up our reserves to feed the strays over COVID we are broke.

We were giving out to volunteers and local people 20 kg bags of dry food a month x 20.

We are asking 20 cat lovers to sponsor our strays and buy a bag a month (€26) so we can save our Cretan stray cats from starvation.

Please be aware these pictures are distressing