Save Your Neutering Clinic

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We make no apologies for the distressing images this is the new reality for Apokoronas strays cats blind, deaf, dying. This is a direct result of Arche Noah being prevented from their legal and legitimate right to neuter, our Charity and volunteers being denied access to the Tsivaras Clinic.

Dedicated to cats we have risked family, friends now it seems our personal freedoms, reputations and our home are on the line and we can do no more. Apokoronas this is your neutering programme being decimated by politics and self-interest. You funded the tiles on the clinic floors. You donated to us the means to design and make the surgical operating tables. You donate the funds to us for the equipment and items required to neuter safely and care for our strays correctly afterwards. One of the best neutering programmes on the island is being destroyed, join those demonstrating their disgust, let the Mayor know you need his continued support. Make a difference if not for us for these little ones coming in to us for nursing left blinded by man’s inhumanity and greed