Save our cats from Coronavirus

Food for the strays: yesterday we took delivery of the cat food we were able to buy with the donations from you lovely, caring cat lovers who support our Cretan cats. We have been able to feed cat colonies from Aptera to Kournas, over ½ a ton of dry cat food. Next month we aim to do the same again.

Permits to feed: we have been asked by the Dimos to provide the details of all volunteers who go out and feed the stray cats on a regular basis. One permit covers you for all trips so it will be less paperwork for all of us in the long run.

Food can be collected at Nikolakakis Agricultural Supplies (directions here) Facebook

If you wish to be included or regularly receive donated food from us please supply the following information:
Name, date of birth, passport number, your address, location of feeding sites, days of the week, and the times you feed them

They will email you the permit to print out and keep. Until your permits arrive carry on using the Extraordinary Movement Permit. Mr Stavros Stavroulakis (Deputy Mayor, Apokoronas) is completing the permits as best he can, we will all have to change our practices till this is over.

Blank certificates of movement for feeding stray animals are available on the website but are provided by the municipalities (& here .docx .pdf)

We have started handing out donated food but have now run out, we are in the process of ordering more but obviously this may take time. As soon as the delivery arrives we will let you know.