Needing homes …

We have the following stunning cats/kittens to re home most are vaccinated/mcollectionicro chipped some have passports if not already neutered we can assist with neutering. Please contact us if you can assist these affectionate loving abandoned cats.



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Apricot orphan

Another family visiting the island distressed to find this little one tossed onto the pavement to die by a bin. 10-14 days old eyes only just open we think it’s a boy, IMG_20160727_164913dehydrated/starving they did well to keep him alive until they got to us. 3 hourly bottle feeds, bathed & cuddled up to Mrs Tiger he is doing well screaming in chorus with Mowgli in the pen below! Early days yet but if anyone wants to offer him a home in a months’ time please contact us any donations towards little ones care gratefully accepted.… read more . . .

Blue Persian found in Georgioupoli

Yesterday this poor cat was found under a car in the middle of Georgioupoli it must have had an owner does anyone recognise it?
It is bewildered, thin, typical Persian runny eyes/snuffly nose its coat is matted will have to be shaved under sedation.
Sex not quite sure difficult to tell due to matted fur despite liking strokes she/he won`t allow us to touch the tail end!
No microchip.
Please contact us if you know of anyone who has lost this cat.… read more . . .

Misfit appeal

We have an appeal for our little group of misfits that came into us over the weekend.

Two sets of tourists left the island traumatised spending the weekend either fishing ginger kittens one by one out of boiling wheelie bins, stuffed into cardboard boxes left to die in Kalyves or tabby kittens left ignored by the roadside dying of dehydration sitting on their dead mother in Almyrida. The kind tourists that picked them up spent an agonising 2 days dodging hotel staff whilst trying to find someone to help.… read more . . .

Acid attack

This affectionate girl was seen by one of our volunteers outside a mini market in Kokkino Chorio,Blkwhitebleach she was begging for food but mutilated from acid/toilet cleaner being thrown deliberately into her face.

Allegedly the sub human who did this was irritated that his own cat’s food was being eaten by this starving girl. This happened approximately a week ago (@Good Friday) & she was left in agony from the toxic substance burning her eye/sinuses/paws causing irreparable damage & infection.

Our dedicated & tireless vets have removed her eye & started treatment for the infection. … read more . . .

Kittens needing homes

As usual after a neutering session we have various waif & strays needing homes these little ones are stunning & in perfect health.

Six weeks of age all boys various colours, even a fluffy one!

Domesticated & delightful (we will assist with neutering) they have been parasite treated can anyone offer a home?kittens







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Lost ginger

26th March 2016: a few days ago Teddy was reviewed by George and due to his stress ulcer and his vastly improved condition it was decided that he was ready to return to the olive groves of Tsivaris, his jaw brace was removed. He had quite a crowd to see him off and didnt hang around looking for his next meal!

On Friday 26th February this poor boy was found unconscious, bleeding from his ears/mouth by the roadside on the Kefalas/VaCagerestmos road.… read more . . .

Living Together with the Animals

animalsThe Federation (Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation), in its effort to enforce the animal loving idea to the new children, in cooperation with the Municipality of Apokoronas has already started at the schools of the Municipality the presentation of the educational program “Living together with the Animals Around Me”, that Ms Melita Lazaratou created.

Almost all teachers responded  to the invitation of the Municipality and our Federation and the young pupils surprised us pleasantly with their knowledge and questions concerning animals.… read more . . .


belle170216c17th February 2016: Today Belle has had her ear mites treated, ears cleaned, face washed & her eyes continue to be treated. She is putting on weight and has begun to take a great interest in eating. Sadly she remains very timid and is easily scared, loud noises or strangers cause her distress.
This will change as she heals and realises we will not hurt her
Last week the local Mayors office called to ask if we could take in a cat they had found in the bottom of their bin.… read more . . .

Again a big THANK YOU to Arche Noah Kreta for saving the lives of so many on Crete

Arche Noah Kreta continues to provide much needed food for the stray cats & dogs on Crete as well as the medical care of thousands of stray animals.archenoah2016

It is colder and wetter than the last few years so we are sure this will be very welcome with all the stray animals on Crete.

If you have online purchases you wish to make please go to their BOOST page where they will get for your every purchase – at no extra cost to you!… read more . . .