Not all cats need rescuing…

A tourists perspective on Cretan felines…

‘Today, our last day in Crete, we went by Ammos hotel (in tears) to say goodbye to “our” kitty. We saw her eating a pile of food! It turns out her owner lives next to the hotel. She was out on her terrace when we drove up. She feeds her ten cats. She also has a dog. “Our” cat is missing her front leg because she was in an accident. Her nice responsible owner took her to the vet. As Cats Pyjamas suspected, her missing shoulder resulted from veterinary surgery. So she is a safe, loved cat! We are so relieved that we failed to catch her and take her away from her owner! And brothers and sisters!

We also had luck finding Dr Eleni Maroulaki (sp.) and gave her the cat carrier, litter box, and litter that we had bought.

So altogether a lucky day.

Thank you for all your help and your wonderful work.


CP and KK from the Chania airport’