An update on the situation of the dog shelter at Kaina & the councils obligations for animal welfare

Another 20 dogs have been poisoned

On 10 June a meeting was held with the Deputy Prosecutor of Appeal, Crete & Mrs  E. Chrysogianni regarding the animal shelter at Kaina
The meeting, held on a proposal of councillor Mrs. E. Terezakis also present was Deputy Mayor Mr.Nikolouzakis, Mrs Linda Lucas and a recorder.
The situation was analysed from many different perspectives. The prosecutor praised strongly all the effort of Ms Lucas and thanked her for trying to help the animals in the country against so many different adversities. It was conceded that there are always weaknesses, in any volunteer effort, but stressed that the Municipality should support the effort especially as so far the municipality has not done anything for strays, as required by law. The culture toward other creatures of nature was particularly stressed.
It was discussed that everyone loves animals, but only when they are away from our homes!
The Deputy Mayor was asked what he has done, or what programs have been put in place by the municipality for the animals of the region, but plans and proposals did not exist, only that the animals should leave Kaina.
It was stressed that the proposal, which had received the most support from of the Council, i.e. for all the animals to be removed to another shelter or sent abroad, was impossible, impractical and contrary to the law, the proposal of councillor Mrs Terezakis was agreed as feasible and realistic.

  • A worker from the municipality to clean the shelter.
  • To record all the animals, No animal to join the shelter unless it is physically checked-so that adoptions abroad can take place.
  • Ms’ Lucas to adopt animals for a maximum of two years after which shelter will close
  • In addition, the Municipality, Ms Lucas and the Federation must identify the parameters to implement this proposal.
  • The necessity and obligation of the council to proceed and announce immediate actions, not necessarily costly, for animals in the area was highlighted.

Source: Apokoronas Our Home

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Photo: Kaina dog shelter walkthrough