We have an appeal for this little five month old female ‘Bambi’ who was taken in suffering from cat flu by a dedicated cat lover from Kalyves. After further xrays & blood tests Bambi was found not to have been run over but to have nasty infections of both ears probably from ear mites left untreated (feline otitis) causing her head tilt and balance problems (vestibular disease).

With antibiotics Bambi’s condition is improving, her balance/head tilt is getting better, she will need to continue the antibiotics for some time & may be left with some minor disability (clumsy/lack of balance) but it will not affect her quality of life. She runs, jumps, plays and is very affectionate, she craves human company and loves other cats, she is being neutered this week and will be vaccinated and micro chipped.

Please contact us if you can give her a home or help in any way.

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Dave needs your help!

How to explain the sub human who has trained his dog to attack the local cats/kittens and tear them apart.

This is the third we have tried to save and put back together if you wonder what the Valentines night donations will be used for Dave’s bill will reach around €800 if he lives.

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HELP! 13 kittens

… half of them still needing homes!
We took in a litter of seven going blind, dying of diarrhoea. 
6 boys and one poor little girl!
After weeks of tests & treatment all of them are now fit and healthy eating like mad desperate for homes. 
Various shades of gingers & one sweet tabby boy calling on you for help.
We need help to pay their vet bills, vaccinate them & find them homes.

Appeal for help with three severely disabled cats

This week has been distressing for vets, volunteers & cats.
We are appealing for help with three severely disabled cats. 
Their stories are depressing and horrific, the time and energy to nurse them intense but we see spirit and the will to live in all three.

Warning: there are distressing images in this post

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Adopted ! 🙂

This little girl used up 8 lives when she was thrown from a car onto the national highway like rubbish.

We think she landed on her back leg causing soft tissue damage to her hip and knee joints. Our colleague Ρένα Τερεζάκη (Rena Terezaki) risked life and limb to scoop the kitten off the road, puss is very lucky to be alive.

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