Difficult Times . .

Those of you following Heather`s posts on facebook will know Sweety came to us at the weekend for intensive care, she was deteriorating rapidly. Despite emergency care on Monday morning sadly her heart gave out whilst our vet was trying to treat her.

People have been asking the cause, its not pleasant but sometimes we do postmortems on difficult cases to make sure we have all done what we can & learn what care we can change if anything in the future.
Sweety had overwhelming infection from old wounds, her lungs and chest cavity were filled with pus, nothing would have saved this brave girl.

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Apricot orphan

Another family visiting the island distressed to find this little one tossed onto the pavement to die by a bin. 10-14 days old eyes only just open we think it’s a boy, dehydrated/starving they did well to keep bathed & cuddled up to Mrs Tiger he is doing well screaming in chorus with Mowgli in the pen below! Early days yet but if anyone wants to offer him a home in a months’ time please contact us any donations towards little ones care gratefully accepted.

Sadly despite our best efforts little one slipped away, if its any consolation he was safe, loved & cuddled.


We are appealing for donations to send this kitten to our UK colleagues for re homing or if anyone can take her into their hearth & home here on Crete.

This little one was seen to be thrown from a second floor window but she miraculously survived and was rescued by a caring group of cat lovers, she was then brought up to us for assessment. We cannot take her in we have too many sick/injured & kittens waiting to go to the UK.

She is a delightful little madam! About 14 weeks old small & dainty for age she is funny, vocal, full of life & very opinionated but quite happy to be cuddled & not feral at all.

She has a stunning grey & white coat and green/golden eyes and she appears completely unharmed with no injury whatsoever and unusually for most coming to us no signs of cat flu or any illness!

If between us all we find nowhere for her to go she will have to be put back to her local colony which is however supported & supervised by these kind local people.

We can assist with neutering/vaccination if re homed locally.

We have so many needing homes but after being so lucky to survive the fall it would be wonderful if she could have some luck by decent human beings giving her a safe & secure life.