Blue Persian found in Georgioupoli

Yesterday this poor cat was found under a car in the middle of Georgioupoli it must have had an owner does anyone recognise it?

It is bewildered, thin, typical Persian runny eyes/snuffly nose its coat is matted will have to be shaved under sedation.

Sex not quite sure difficult to tell due to matted fur despite liking strokes she/he won’t allow us to touch the tail end!No microchip.Please contact us if you know of anyone who has lost this cat.


17th February 2016: Today Belle has had her ear mites treated, ears cleaned, face washed & her eyes continue to be treated. She is putting on weight and has begun to take a great interest in eating. Sadly she remains very timid and is easily scared, loud noises or strangers cause her distress.
This will change as she heals and realises we will not hurt her
Last week the local Mayors office called to ask if we could take in a cat they had found in the bottom of their bin. We see many cases of abuse & starvation it is nothing abnormal but what arrived was pitiful to see even by our standards.

Emaciated unable to stand or walk she had sat in the freezing cold covered by rubbish all manner of foul things, the smell from her was awful paws were black her eyes full of pus she was covered in diarrhoea. The bin lid was down, the condition she was in was so poor she could never have climbed in herself we assume some contemptible human being decided she was disposable & threw her in the bin.

Our vet kept her for IV drips/antibiotics/X-rays an FIV/FeLV test which to our surprise & relief was negative. Sadly her pelvis has been broken with many fractures her left hip dislocated, with no obvious veterinary care all her fractures have healed incorrectly a patchwork too late for us to do anything about. The agony she must have been in after the accident while trying to find food & shelter is indescribable.

Despite all this she purred, wanted cuddles stoically sitting in her bath water while we tried to remove the caked on dirt. Belle has a long road ahead once normal weight she will need an operation on her back leg we cannot leave it hanging out she might lose it but we will try to realign it first.

We are aware this time of year is not good for most financially but we have to try on her behalf for donations towards her veterinary treatment, orthopedic operation & travel. Belle will never be able to be released back to where she was found & will be sent to Woodland Nook in the UK for re homing, many thanks for their efforts in fundraising.
In the meantime its rest, warmth, food & meds with love & care.

Christmas Greetings!

A heartfelt thank you to those who have supported our work this year in so many ways; donations that fund our work, our Greek & German vets who treat our sick cats & neuter with such care & skill, & to the foster mothers who nurture our recovering cats & kittens. Also the volunteers who brave often extreme weather to trap our feral cats for the neutering sessions, those who feed & care for their own cat colonies & the colonies we support with food & veterinary care.

Lastly the many who help in an endless variety of ways we could not do this work without you all.

Christmas Appeal
Every year we have a ‘Kitty Krate’ shipped over from the UK full of donated equipment, medicines, food & many other things we need to buy for the cats.

Thanks to the generosity of Nomad International & also Jane & Roger Newbury we have 2 crates this year coming over partially funded. We are asking for donations to make up the remainder of the shipping fees. The contents of the crates easily outweigh the cost of shipping these supplies & are vital to continue our efforts.

Some have asked if they can donate items to the crates and to this end we have made an Equipment list that we are desperately short of, please post to Woodland Nook Rescue Centre  indicating it is for the Cretan Cats.

This was originally the idea of Jane & Paul Lynegar & they have our love & thanks for their efforts in making & delivering the crates, packing them & collecting donated items all year round.


We are appealing for donations to send this kitten to our UK colleagues for re homing or if anyone can take her into their hearth & home here on Crete.

This little one was seen to be thrown from a second floor window but she miraculously survived and was rescued by a caring group of cat lovers, she was then brought up to us for assessment. We cannot take her in we have too many sick/injured & kittens waiting to go to the UK.

She is a delightful little madam! About 14 weeks old small & dainty for age she is funny, vocal, full of life & very opinionated but quite happy to be cuddled & not feral at all.

She has a stunning grey & white coat and green/golden eyes and she appears completely unharmed with no injury whatsoever and unusually for most coming to us no signs of cat flu or any illness!

If between us all we find nowhere for her to go she will have to be put back to her local colony which is however supported & supervised by these kind local people.

We can assist with neutering/vaccination if re homed locally.

We have so many needing homes but after being so lucky to survive the fall it would be wonderful if she could have some luck by decent human beings giving her a safe & secure life.


Tilly’s rescue has been traumatic for all involved you may find some of the photos distressing.

Her blind mother had been having a succession of kittens catching chlamydia off her only to either die or survive blind themselves. The mother cat lived in Chania out of a litter of 5 only two kittens remained one of which was taken into our vet Eleni

A male tabby (@11 weeks of age) already blind he died fitting the afternoon we brought him home probably meningitis from the eye infections. At this point we persuaded the gentleman feeding the mother that this cycle had to end she needed urgent neutering. The mother has now been neutered cared for afterwards by the person feeding her & returned to her street, our vet kindly sharing the cost of neutering.

Following week the remaining sibling was caught, already lost one eye to infection the other remained just beginning to succumb to infection. We took her for nursing we did not expect her to live but she was stronger than her brother, fluids, antibiotics treating all the infections & then parasite treatments she is now thriving!

Tilly requires an operation to remove the left eye when she has grown in about another month, all her infections have gone we have started her vaccinations she will also be neutered. Such a special little one she is courageous, clever running all over the place playing trying to catch flies her right eye seems to have normal vision.

Tilly adores human cuddles an adorable kitten she can go to a new home now under supervision here or after her operation.

If you can give this amazing little creature a home here or in Europe please contact us.


Penelope (@1½ years old) was very lucky to be found by the roadside after having been hit by a car, she suffered serious fractures to her pelvis & fractured her left hind leg.

Brought into the last neuter session she has been with us on cage rest for 5 weeks, now standing/sitting her coat is a gorgeous colour she has the most amazing eye make up! Looking really well obviously feeling better as she tries to get out!

Penny needs another month of cage rest no jumping to allow the fractures to heal then we shall do another X-Ray to check all is well. When her pelvis is healed we can neuter her & begin vaccinations.

Timid, shy and demure she is a little lady who enjoys cuddles now talking to us she is tame needing a quiet loving home.

We need a caring gentle adopter any donations towards her care & travel would be welcome.