Urgent Kitten Appeal

Update 6th October

Tanni has found a home joining our rescue kitten (Tinkerbell aka Witzy)

Update 3rd October

Tanni visited the vets where she had her sutures out and her first vaccination

Update 26th September, 10:30am

Tanni came home yesterday afternoon & has already started to adapt on her three legs jumping & getting around her cage with just a few mishaps like tripping over her bed! No signs of infection so far she goes back to have her sutures removed in 10 days.


18:17 Update

First indications are good as Tanni has survived the anaesthetic. She is apparently sitting up watching our vet! The operation went really well, we now can relax a little in the hope the antibiotics stop any infection post-op. Tanni sends purrs to those of you who have kindly helped towards the bill for her operation.

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A happy beginning…

I am the lady that was holidaying in Rhodes that was trying to help an injured kitten, I am delighted to say, that with the help of the GWCS and RAWS, he is to be treated, passported and has a place on a flight back to the UK  on October 21st.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help, support and advice.

I have attached a photo of the little beauty for you to see. Isn’t he adorable!! He looks like he could have a broken leg, but he hasn’t been to the vet yet so we do not know what treatment he will need

Good luck with the rescuing, you are all doing the most amazing work

Aptera Cat Colony

We are staying in Aptera Appartments and have met the lady who takes care of the cats. She does an awesome job yet could use some help of the (MANY) tourists who spent their holidays in Aptera. Please help this lady by either donating catfood (leave it in the house on the square where tha cats are staying, it’s the house in the curve with the old fence, see the pictures at the catcolony site).

In general the Greek do not take care of their cat and we all know that we could spare a little money for this great cat program or help this sweet generous lady with some cat food!

Know that you don’t help the cat reproduce themselves ( the cat program takes care of sterilising the cats!!) but you help the cats who are already alive have a little bit better life…..which is a great holiday thought…..right?

Love, Nicole & Pier from Holland Rotterdam
September 2012

LOST Rethymno Marina

Follow up:

We have found our cat !

He was locked in a motor yacht next to our boat. The owner came back yesterday and open his boat. The cat escaped from his boat and came back to our boat !

Black & White Cat RED collar

Contact : Boat “SOLEIL” ( A pontoon)

Email : voilier.soleil@gmail.com

Tel : 0033760491864

Greece Is Making History – Animal Welfare Story!

This castration campaign was the most important in Greece because it was the first of our club just who has complied with all permits the Greek Animal Welfare Act. In two days, we have neutered over 50 cats and dogs and performed more than 60 surgeries, including amputation, tumor removal, etc.

Licensed, accredited veterinarians German with a Greek registration you wanted in this country have not. We complained more than three years with the help of the European Commission on our right and gained about a year ago. For all veterinarians who are planning to do thanks to our efforts, often unnerving paving the way forward!
We are happy to have finally been rewarded for years of effort. It is a feeling of satisfaction gained the insurmountable barriers in the fight against the suffering of having. And Skopelos is only the beginning!

Source: Arche Noah Kreta

Little Bertie from the bins

Found very dehydrated and with an eye infection, and of course starving. He seems to be around 6 weeks old but not sure. He is approx. 250 centimeters in length. Very handlable. We think he is male.3rd August 2012
Bertie visited the vet today & was confirmed as being a boy!
Has had subcutaneous antibiotics for his cat flu, & will have milbemax for worms & effipro for fleas tommorow 

9th August 2012
Bertie has now recovered from his cat flu, and is looking much healthier despite a mild mild case of ringworm (note the typical black staining around the nose & mouth)