Harry, Flash & Ed

These gorgeous boys abandoned had nasty eye infections now treated and all have good vision. Paul & Angie have been doing the hard work caring for them as we are full.

12 weeks of age amazingly beautiful triplet boys two with very unusual beige coats and their ginger brother. Vaccinated, microchipped please give them a home!

Drowning in Kittens!

Desperately sad approx. 8 weeks of age all contracted cat flu, between 4 of them we have one good eye…. With care they can go outside into fenced off gardens, patios, or indoor cats perfect for flats.

All will be healthy and fit surgery completed if eyes require it, vaccinated, microchipped with passports in a few months.Harley & Marley ginger and tabby brothers both vocal and love tummy rubs being blind is not stopping the footie!

  • Fifi
  • Mimi
  • Niko adopted on Crete
  • Nobbin has an adopter in UK
  • Marley
  • Harley
  • Harley Fifi Marley Mimi, left to right, top to bottom

Mimi Tortie girl is mischievous and full of fun, very affectionate & pretty don’t let her eyes put you off now they will be operated on when old enough.

Fifi is her tabby sister who loves to play but still likes cuddles.

Nikos another bottle fed orphan, gorgeous red boy adorable nature around 4 weeks of age very healthy and adopted on Crete.


Nobbin 2-3 weeks of age is a bottle feeding monster very very vocal! Very healthy but he has white ears and white body not safe here due to sun damage, has an adopter in the UK.


Many of you messaged us about the ginger boy in Plaka with his damaged leg, we have him undergoing a month of antibiotic treatments trying to avoid amputation of his front leg (bone infection). Here he is after weeks of Heather and Bev trying to catch him in extreme heat, well done ladies! Released in Plaka

Mr Feral

A huge thank you for the stunning response & moral support from everyone around the world, it’s been overwhelming. Meanwhile please lobby the Mayor to allow cat neutering to be run by our volunteers, adopt a kitten if you can or contribute to the cause it’s not over yet we will not go quietly!

Disabled Kittens Need Your Help!

Any rescue organisations can help re home or any lovely, caring humans can adopt/foster or donate. We have a terribly sad tale, Apokoronas kittens are being blinded by Herpes/Chlamydia infections so many are now being born as neutering dates are cancelled and cat pregnancies increase.

Marley, Fifi & Mimi

Marley the pot bellied pig! Lovely tabby boy we will need to remove both his eyes at around 12 weeks of age.

Fifi kitten is lucky she will lose her right eye but has normal sight in her left eye.

Mimi, her Tortie sister sadly lost both eyes. The girls are around 5 weeks of age, Marley is younger. They came in at the same time all suffering the same infections he was miserable on his own he is now their brother! They will be vaccinated, microchipped & passport any surgery completed. They will be healed and healthy before they go to their adopters.

Edward needs a home!

Whilst negative forces seek to ruin our charity & neutering, the rest of us have to carry on and care for Apokoronas cats!

Edward is the last of the cats we helped rescue when the owner tragically died (Hugh Roberts).He has had months of wound care for an infected leg wound which is now almost healed.

A bit moth-eaten, 4 years of age & not particularly attractive in some eyes although we think he is utterly gorgeous he has been overlooked. Acting as a kitten nanny to the hoards of kittens, he loves other cats and won’t fight unless they are nasty to him. He adores human company, never stops talking, loves head rubs and cuddles. It’s so sad he remains stuck here,can anyone help him? Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, parasite treated he has a passport and is ready to go. If the right adopter needs help with transport costs we will do so to ensure this young man finally has a home. Adopted in the UK

Save Your Neutering Clinic

Please sign the petition

We make no apologies for the distressing images this is the new reality for Apokoronas strays cats blind, deaf, dying. This is a direct result of Arche Noah being prevented from their legal and legitimate right to neuter, our Charity and volunteers being denied access to the Tsivaras Clinic.

Dedicated to cats we have risked family, friends now it seems our personal freedoms, reputations and our home are on the line and we can do no more. Apokoronas this is your neutering programme being decimated by politics and self-interest. You funded the tiles on the clinic floors. You donated to us the means to design and make the surgical operating tables. You donate the funds to us for the equipment and items required to neuter safely and care for our strays correctly afterwards. One of the best neutering programmes on the island is being destroyed, join those demonstrating their disgust, let the Mayor know you need his continued support. Make a difference if not for us for these little ones coming in to us for nursing left blinded by man’s inhumanity and greed

Percy, Ginny & Arthur

Needing homes they are 7-8 weeks of age (DOB @21/3/21), we have 2 out of 5 left to rehome!

from left to right Percy, Ginny and Arthur

Percy piggy is adorable what can we say more
Ginny is clever & wise
Arthur is a worrywart always wanting cuddles! now adopted
we are now up & running getting them to UK
Vaccinated, microchipped, passports & neutered when old enough
No kittens were drunk….
The food is on its way, Easter delayed delivery
Thank you all who were generous enough to help our strays