Dougie Appeal

Resources must be used wisely, our ethos is save those we can but not cause further pain or suffering if their condition is terminal

Dougie has moderate dry FIP (glomerular Disease, peeing blood) we have treated him for months with antibiotics (ear infections) renal veterinary diet love & care.

His siblings were not affected; he is the weaker of his litter & developed the disease. Dougie is young, only 7 months of age has fought poisoning, being homeless on the streets, he adores cuddles & kisses & he is realising humans can be kind.

FIP is a viral infection that affects an estimated 1-2% of the global feline population annually. FIP has a high mortality rate of 96% if untreated. However, thanks to Dr Niels Pedersen and his team of researchers, the discovery of the use of GS-441524 has revolutionised FIP treatment.

What was once a fatal disease is now treatable.

So, what is the catch? As you have already guessed, this treatment is expensive costing £600-£1,000. We think Dougie deserves a chance at life and prognosis is good if we start the injections now.

Will you help us save our boy & maybe others like him?