Loki needs a special Mum & Dad he is blinded in the right eye limited vision in the left. He was found crying on the side of the road in Kalyves (Crete) roasting in the midday sun his eyelids stuck together by pus. He had pneumonia, eye ulcerations, parasite overload, dehydration & was starved sadly his rescuer saw half a dozen people walk by him.

We suspect he was thrown out of his litter either due the fact he is black or because he was sick. The condition he was in is indescribable but after antibiotics, nursing lots of care from his foster mummy (we were worried he would bark being brought up with puppies…) he is now a beautiful little imp! He uses his litter tray his coat is beautiful he is dashing about full of life even though he cannot see past his paws he is so gentle loves cuddles needs lots of affection.

Loki faced death by infection & dehydration bad enough he lost one eye he then lost his UK adopters. At this point two other potential adopters who came forward had also moved on so he remained with us homeless! He is the most affectionate boy loves cuddles & feet…. sleek as a seal he is a typical boy he can be naughty loves to play & loves other cats. The lack of an eye does not affect him at all his infections have been treated & resolved.

Neutered, passported fully back to health he arrived at Woodland Nook Cat Rescue (13th November 2014) And is already on the search for his new home.

Many thanks to Kayleigh Brown for her dedication in photographing & videoing of the inhabitants of Woodland Nook Cat Rescue