Aegean Pet Transport Guidelines from Greece to European Locations

Update 2nd August 2015: Currently unable to obtain tracers from Chief Veterinary Officer Chania for unaccompanied animals (tracer not required if traveling within 5 days of owner) Advise escorted animals only

Recent changes regarding transporting of animals across Europe have confused many, the largest effecting animal welfare organisations is the transportation of unescorted animals by air.… read more . . .

Arche Noah Kreta fights back against ‘Animal Rights Activists’

arche_logo_weissIn response to the so called ‘Animal Rights Activists’ Arche Noah Kreta along with the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environment Federation as published here have tasked their lawyers to hold the ‘Animal Rights Activists’ responsible for slanderous accusations and actions


Full story can be seen here: more . . .

As for the malicious scenarios on “illegal trafficking units for stray animals”

Cat Slips Through Taoyuan Airport Security in Luggage
Although he has acknowledged the animal was the family’s pet, Qin says he was unaware the cat had sneaked into his luggage.

How simple animal adoptions abroad are converted by misinformed media to malicious scenarios on “illegal trafficking units for stray animals” that promote homeless companion animals for experiments, bestiality, etc., with the suspected tolerance of relevant government authorities who refuse to implement EU directives on which there is full traceability at all times is possible as to where an animal is traveling abroad!read more . . .

Larissa: Mammoth fine €270,000 for puppies slaughterer

The mammoth fine of 270,000 euro was imposed to a man in Larissa who had slaughtered nine new-born puppies with a backhoe and buried them in a plastic bag under stones. Going strictly by the Greek Animal Abuse book, police fined the murderer of defenceless souls with the maximum fine of €30,000 for each puppy, even though one of the puppies survived.

The unprecedented for Greece fine was imposed by the Municipality Police and confirmed by the deputy mayor of Larissa in Central Greece.… read more . . .

Crete has highest number of reported animal abuse cases in 2013

This kitten was found on Thursday (16/10/14) staggering in the road by Vamos Post Office
This young cat was found on Thursday (16/10/14) staggering in the road by Vamos Post Office (suffering distressing & agonising symptoms of poisoning).  Now undergoing treatment, only time will tell if she survives

Crete, closely followed by Attica where Athens belongs, comes top in the number of reported cases of animal abuse in Greece for 2013 and the first half of 2014. According to data from the Greek Police and Tourism directorate given to parliament last week, in 2013 there were 102 incidents of abuse, torture or killing of animals in Crete closely followed by Attica with 99 reported cases out of a total of 530 cases nationally. … read more . . .

Andreas Liodakis Illegal Dog Breeder in Chania Court

Using fake identities both for himself and the dogs Liodakis allegedly stole then sold the dogs for €150, sometimes stealing them back to sell them to other unsuspecting customers!

The Animal Welfare Association of Chania had been vainly trying to incriminate him for 7 years, many people were aware of his atrocious activities & the terrible conditions he left the animals in, but where unwilling to intervene, fortunately another complaint submitted in August led to his arrest & the rescue of 20 dogs & 7 puppies, sadly due to the total lack of care given to the dogs by Liodakis one of the dogs died on the way to the veterinarian.… read more . . .

CALL THE ANIMAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION (AWA) or What sort of Animals Welfare Association (AWA) are you?

protectionanimals“Call the AWA” or “what sort of AWA are you?” are the usual expressions of those who think that the stray’s problems are solved in this way.

These are the people who cannot understand that no matter how many dogs the AWA will “collect” the strays will never be reduced in this way.
The conscience and duty of most of those calling the AWA ends there!

They feel inside relieved thinking that they did the right thing and that they functioned as animals lovers.… read more . . .

Municipal Veterinary Clinic in Chania

prod_small_121265_1368690078_dhmotikokthniatreio (1)Municipality of Chania announces the foundation and establishment of a Municipal Veterinary Clinic for the neutering program, deworming, vaccination, microchipping and feeding stray animals with the participation of seven Chania veterinarians.  Under the terms of the building lease it will not be possible to keep animals overnight. Also there are plans to provide information on the service to the public & schools.

The clinic will be on the ground floor of the Municipal Community Water Offices

Veterinarians participating include:

Eleni Maroulaki

Irini Kapsanaki

Stavros Xirouchakis

George Vizyrakis

Tania Aeriniotakis

Maria Kampoyraki

Leyteris Xatzidakis

Sources: Chania Pets & Chania Newsread more . . .

Press Release: The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation and The Animal Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals”

Successive meeting were held today (16-04-13) between our Association, the Municipality of Chania and the Municipality Police of Chania,  as well as the Public Prosecutors of Judges of Appeal and the Police Directorate of Chania, within the framework of our effort for the correct implementation of law 4039/2012, which refers to the protection of the stray and non-stray accompanying animals,  as well as the obligations of the their proprietors towards them.protectionanimalsread more . . .