Bumble in need

Bumble Update 08/03/13
The poor boy on his left side has a fractured pelvis broken in three places but the hip joint is intact with a large haematoma over the groin area no apparent nerve damage.  Our vet sought a second opinion with a an orthopaedic colleague in Athens after sedation this is what we did for him:

  • Stabilised the pelvis by bandaging, he will need cage rest for a month then another month to recover.
  • To avoid another anaesthetic he was castrated he is young approx. 1-2 years.
  • Ivermectin injection for ear mites & internal parasites.
  • Antibiotic injection to prevent infection.
  • Meloxicam oral 7 more days for pain & inflammation.
  • He already had Drontal & frontline for tapeworm & fleas.
  • He had a yummy tuna supper & is now tucked up warm in his basket on the heated floor

Bumble says a big thank you to those who have already donated towards his veterinary bills

We would like to thank the customers and owners of Cretan Corner for their generous donation yesterday which we gave to our vet towards Bumbles care

Bumble was brought in today as an emergency by persistent cat lovers. It had taken 3 days & many bramble scars to catch this poor boy who had been seen dragging his lower body along the ground.

Bumble has partially paralysed legs & tail, we are unsure if he can control his bladder but he seems in good health otherwise. We cannot touch him but he is not behaving like a feral cat & we are wondering if he has been socialised & is just scared & in pain

He has had pain relief which also acts as an anti-inflammatory in case of spinal injury/swelling & he will be taken to our vet for an X-Ray & too decide further treatment.

We are appealing for donations towards veterinary expenses & care, anything however small will assist us in our efforts to save Bumble.