Appeal for help with three severely disabled cats

This week has been distressing for vets, volunteers & cats.
We are appealing for help with three severely disabled cats. 
Their stories are depressing and horrific, the time and energy to nurse them intense but we see spirit and the will to live in all three.

Warning: there are distressing images in this post

Tabby male acid attack
We make no apologies for the picture this young boy left to wander Vamos while caustic or toilet cleaner burnt away his neck. The favourite way to get cats to leave seems to be squirt toxic chemicals at them. Someone with humanity finally took him to the vet who has done a great job keeping him alive. He will need need skin grafting and months of treatment.
Tortie kitten amputation hind leg
Barely 8 weeks old this little one was found wandering Chania with her back leg hanging off terrible wounds to her flank. She needs a few months of specialist wound care, to learn to balance which she is already doing. Playful, cute she adores being cuddled.
Wendy blinded by infection
Found by Greek children in Plaka she came to us with one eye hanging out destroyed by chlamydia or herpes infection, the other she saw a little enough to manage. We were devastated this week when her remaining eye started to bulge she is now blind needs both eyes removed when old enough to withstand the surgery.
Wendy will need a special home kept safe indoors &/or in enclosed runs.
If you want us to continue we need local volunteers to foster, the money to cover costs & adopters