BEWARE, KALYVES poisoned meatballs all over the town

Dogs and cats found dead. If you find dead animals photograph them and please inform Vrysses police station 28250 51205.

DO NOT induce vomiting in cats or use the drug FILTARON used for dogs it can cause cats to stop breathing. Your veterinarian may use it but it’s not safe outside of veterinary care.

for information on poisoning

New Year Update: Making a Difference for Our Strays

The New Year has kicked off on a high note! We’ve managed to purchase and distribute to our dedicated volunteers 22 20kg bags of dry food for our stray animals. We have so many people to thank for their generosity, even in the face of their own hardships.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Apokoronas Photography Group. Their commendable efforts and contribution through the calendar fundraiser have made a significant difference. Their beautiful calendar raised €475, which has been a great help.

A special thankyou also goes to an anonymous donor whose contribution has enabled us to secure 900 kg of dry food for our strays covering the next two months!

Sadly, we’re reminded daily of the challenges these animals face. Just yesterday, a kitten came in struggling to breathe due to pneumonia, her eyes ravaged by cat flu. This is the harsh reality of starvation, but your support is helping others survive.

Thank you all for your continued support!