Hellenic Veterinary Association organises network of volunteers to carry out sterilization of stray animals

According to the decision of the thesis the P.K.S.A committee which will arrange for the organization and operation of a volunteer veterinarians to carry out sterilization of animals.

Officers of this Committee are the members of the thesis Cervical Athena Agathangelidis Kyriakos Tsipianitis Henry, Polyzois John, George Piperakis.

Kindly fellow female counterparts and veterinarians who are interested to contact by phone the secretariat P.K.S (210-5202901, 210-5226769) and participate in programs.




Source: change.org & keeptalkinggreece.com & diagnovet.gr

Does this mean that foreign veterinarians will be obsolete and the stray problem too?

zoosos.gr has a well researched list of articles for further reading

Greek Veterinary Society Boycott’s Animal Healthcare

Over the coming days, a number of volunteer vets from abroad are coming to the island of Lesvos, Greece, for neutering/spaying FOR FREE hundreds of stray animals, AS THEY DID LAST YEAR (see the video & pictures above). The Greek Veterinary Society and its local branch of Lesvos are reacting: they claim that the proper procedures have not been followed thus they threat to press charges against all those involved if the programme goes ahead. These threats are both illegal and immoral. If the Greek vets are really interested in the well-being of the stray animals, then they should HELP in the free neutering/spaying programme rather than BOYCOTT it on procedural grounds! Join us in asking the Greek Veterinary Society and it local branch of Lesvos, Greece, to change its stance and to: Stop threatening the local animal welfare groups and the foreign volunteer vets who will neuter/spay FOR FREE the stray animals of Lesvos.

    Παρά το διαφαινόμενο αδιέξοδο στη Λέσβο, η εκστρατεία μας φαίνεται να έχει επιπτώσεις γενικότερα για την Ελλάδα. Χτες (18/7) ο Πανελλήνιος Κτηνιατρικός Σύλλογος ανακοίνωσε ότι προχωρά στη δημιουργία ενός δικτύου εθελοντών κτηνιάτρων για τη στείρωση αδέσποτων ζώων. Τα πράγματα αλλάζουν- και αυτό οφείλεται στη δική σας βοήθεια και συμπαράσταση. Συνεχίστε να υπογράφετε και να προωθείτε την έκκλησή μας.
    Σας ευχαριστώDear friends,
    Despite the apparent deadlock on Lesvos, our campaign seems to have impacts for the whole of Greece. Yesterday (July 18) the Greek Veterinary Association announced that it is establishing a network of Greek volunteer vets for neutering/spaying stray animals. Things are changing-and this is due also to your help and support. Please keep signing and forwarding our call.
    Many thanks Posted By Iosif Botetzagias Petition Organizer July 19, 2012

Update on the Aptera colony

Hair/skin samples sent for analysis showed mites causing mange

Injected the colony twice with Ivermectin to treat mange/ear mites

Purchased environmental pesticide so the rooms & barn they live in which where infested with parasites could be fumigated
Treated approx. 35 with Frontline spot on (those we could catch!) over 2 months for those suffering flea allergy
15 sent for Veterinary treatment & neutered funded by Arche Noah, our thanks to them
Three sent for veterinary care to our very supportive Greek vet with serious eye/skin infections which are now healed
Provide food every month to assist their Greek carer to feed them & vitamin supplements added to their water
They now look & must feel so much better with no pregnant ones so far a few entire males left to catch & neuter
The threat of poisoning seems to have been withdrawn since our assistance managing this colony

Our last goal is to treat them all for internal parasites particularly (tapeworm in particular) but with the rescue kittens/cats we are taking in this year we cannot find the funds to buy such huge quantities (Profender/Drontal or Stronghold) can anyone help in providing any?
If so please donate via the donate button or contact us.

Many thanks to those of you who have donated so far enabling us to treat & protect this colony

Arche Noah Kreta veterinarians recognised in Greece

Ines and Thomas were recognized after long and arduous years as veterinarians in Greece. What is the gain for animal protection, this can be found here.

Ines and Thomas were recognized after long and arduous years as veterinarians in Greece. On 19/04/2010 my Protocol 257 471 and No. 257 472 by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture were notified by telephone, which should ensure that the decision was rendered. I really believe it was only when both the original certificates of recognition in front of me.

What does this mean for the work of the two in detail:

First Ines and Thomas are now considered to be in Greece Greek veterinarians and must, like any other Greek veterinarian are also provided with all the rights and obligations under the relevant laws.

Second You can build up a practice in Greece at any time and as any veterinarian practicing in Greece.

Third For every action castration no papers more of Ines and Thomas are needed, but only a community contract, if the castration should be carried out free of charge, at the invitation of the mayor of the municipality, the two, to castrate the stray animals of his community. A suitable room should be able to provide the municipality. At this point, I still expect a considerable resistance to the Greek colleagues, who, for economic reasons as before against the gratuitous actions castration. However, I believe, that wears off after the first or second successful neutering campaign and a public disclosure of the costs saved by the support of animal welfare organizations, the defense. For sure I am that the already established process of addressing the street animal issues are being discontinued because the public money (understandably) at the moment for the basic protection of the population and compliance with the terms of the EU must be used for lending.

4th When Ines and Thomas have established a practice, you can invite as Greek veterinarians at any time other foreign veterinarians without much method, so this is an easy to be obtained authorization from the Ministry (Ines and Thomas had this consent at the end of 2007) to work up here to a year can. In this way we might find more interested vets that can be incorporated into the castration so quickly and across populations can be controlled. If our two vets here should be located, I am also convinced that soon will disappear, the interest in defense and bullying, when the two are only met once. I very much hope that we will find in different communities colleagues to support the neutering campaign and make your practice for a short period of time.

5th We in the press, the concept of animal welfare explained by neutering. In this manner, the popularity grow action of castration and the lobby to be expanded.?

6th The documents for entry into the Panhellenic Veterinary Association are traveling to Thessaloniki and we will very soon the membership numbers and identity cards have the two, which they at any time may designate as a veterinarian and animals in need at any time, even on a statutory basis to help at any location must . Basically, it was already so far as they are already committed to a German vets, but they could not use drugs (eg anesthetics) that fall under the narcotics law because their physicians property here in Greece did not last.

There will certainly be still quite a lot of new possibilities that develop when a routine is entered. In any case, we can all express new ideas and wishes, because of the possibility of implementation has at least found a legal basis.

In this sense, I wish us all that we see right now, only the right structures to implement the objectives for the street animals and do not promise my extreme optimism often criticized give up.

Finally, I must draw your attention to the influence of the European Commission in this matter has finally tipped the scales, with the new agriculture minister was a great effort, especially Ines and Thomas now recognize quickly.

As for Thomas estimation, a “small vet” would here enforce anything with a “little lawyer”, I can assure everyone that it is probably in Europe in the relevant government agencies and departments will be few officers that the matter and the name “Thomas Busch and Ines Leeuw not know. “

An entirely new work awaits us, and many new possibilities are open, for effective and not as demoralizing welfare.

Despite the enthusiasm from me, I want to say in their own right and as a little concerned on the crisis in Greece. We must be sensitive to the overall situation, since the financial crisis, like any crisis for the “little people” is the worst. The pay cuts are enormous, poverty is growing, and children and old people are not adequately cared for in every respect.The German press has many injured and so far is unjust, as the majority of the population realizes that something has to change. But you have to imagine that the top salary of an official at around 1,900 – is € that from one day to the other at 1,400, – reduced €, while rising gasoline prices and travel costs for work not eligible for compensation are (from 10:05 .2010 does a liter of gasoline 2, – €). The VAT was raised to 24% and also keep the tourists because of uncertainty about the overall situation and strikes.

Anyone who sees it or not, all must give their shirts and still will not predict that we can do it. This depression in the population leads to a higher aggressive behavior is applied to the day, companies and businesses go bankrupt, property must be sold to private debt and replace it every day a minimum amount of government debt. In such a situation private, it is understandable that you feel unfairly treated because they do not even own the funds in his account that are missing now in the Treasury. The bitter truth here is another, as it is portrayed in the German press and I would be happy if more is demanded before the judged “Greece itself”.

In this sense, a good cooperation!

Christina Rohde Tsioros

Source: http://www.xn--tierrztepool-jcb.de


Tati a silver tabby lost her right eye due to untreated infection whilst roaming the streets, and her left eye has a cataract leaving her mostly blind. She is very tame & affectionate and now has a loving & safe home

Solo abandoned just before the gales

Now being throughly spoilt in the UK at Woodland Nook Cat Rescue

We have another little one needing a home He was found thrown in the middle of a busy road bewildered & crying rescued by a kind passer by who contacted us for help. He is coming to join Itzy, Bitzy & Witzy we are sadly lacking in inspiration so he is hence forth known as Mitzy! (now Solo) We have transport to the UK in June if anyone can find friends or relatives kind enough to give a home to any of these orphans.