More poisonings at Kaina

Two days ago, one more odious crime was brought about in “civilized” Kaina, 25 animals being murdered, a total of 85 animals within one year.

Yesterday Kaina was stigmatized internationally as an animal crematorium.

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Update re Appeal for Flight Fees Rescue Cats to UK

We have raised Bumble’s ticket thank you to all that have helped

Instead of Bella we are sending Huggy who has an anxious adopter waiting for him in the UK who cannot afford the flight cost. He & his siblings came to us at 7 days of age from the Chania team after his mother was run over.
Covered in parasites & starving they had to be bottle fed for three weeks by us & a team of volunteers. We lost one little one but Huggy & the others are now thriving. Please help give him a new start.We are appealing for donations to reach the £285 per cat fee to fill this flight. We have donors that have genourously helpled already, any sum you can afford however small is appreciated.

Appeal for Flight Fees Rescue Cats to UK

We have 3 abuse cases we have treated & made well with the help of our vet, donations & great foster carers. These lucky ones have been either adopted or sponsored by generous donors & their flights paid to the UK.
So far Bonzo, Felix & Pasca are booked in for the second week of August.

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