Urgent appeal kitten adoption

It is with great relief we are happy to announce that the little black kitten has been adopted

We have a little one about 6 weeks old tiny more like 4 weeks of age his litter lost mummy at a few weeks of age thrown out in the middle of nowhere left to fend for themselves.

Much to the distress of the lady feeding them, 3 of his siblings disappeared & he was found one morning alone hiding in the wall we presume they were taken during the night by some predator.

He has now been taken in & we have treated him for parasites.  He looks good considering he now faces another dilemma; he will be homeless at the end of the week as she leaves for the UK.

We have no where left to place him as we have so many waiting for transport to their adopted homes & the sick take up the rest of our places.

The local vets can only offer euthanasia rather than see him starve to death or suffer predation.

The Cats Pyjamas Rescue will pay all expenses for vaccination & neutering, someone must be able to help.

Please can any one offer this poor little chap a home?