More poisonings at Kaina

Two days ago, one more odious crime was brought about in “civilized” Kaina, 25 animals being murdered, a total of 85 animals within one year.

Yesterday Kaina was stigmatized internationally as an animal crematorium.

On behalf of the overwhelming majority of the animal welfare associations of the country, we would like to declare the following, as concerns our actions already taken and the ones to be materialized:

  1. The Vice Public Prosecutor of Crete Ms. Chrysogianni edited an urgent order to the General Police Director of Crete Mr. Paravolidakis, to the General Police Director of Chania Mr. Koutsaftakis, to the General Security Director Mr. Sinopoulos and of course to the Police Station of Vamos, to unravel the horrible crime.
  2. As Ms. Chrysogianni assured us, she will ask for the convergence of the official and competent authorities of the area by the end of the month, so that the whole case will be examined and evaluated within the moral and criminal framework if necessary.
  3. A press release will be edited in four languages, Greek, French, English and German, which will be channeled into the international public opinion.
  4. Representatives of top European Community Animal Welfare Associations will hand a Resolution of Protest about Kaina to the European Parliament and at the same time members of the European Parliament will present the whole case to its competent official authorities.
  5. A similar Resolution of Protest will be handed to all Greek competent authorities.
  6. Representation to the English Embassy for the protection of the English Citizen.
  7. During 4-10 August the 23rd International Philosophy Congress will take place in Athens, with more than 25,000 participants, top intellects of Philosophy coming in our country from all over the world.

Our Federation, the only one within all Federations, will participate through its president to the subject “The Moral Substance of our Biological Partners”

Kaina will be named as the martyrdom of animals and the minutes of the Congress will be delivered internationally, with all possible consequences
Moreover , we would like to mention the following:

Guilty is not only the monster (s) that poisoned more than 80 animals.

Accomplices to the crime are all these who cover up him/them through the well known “omerta” and immense responsibilities have the municipality authorities, who with their actions or their omissions incite and stir up this continuous crime.

We read yesterday statements of the inhabitants of the area.

Hypocrisy and crocodile tears, the atrocious and martyr’s death of so many innocent creatures did not touch them at all. Their only concern was the shelter to be closed, because their village is “insulted” by the shelter’s existence!!!!!

We had recently come in agreement with the local authorities to close the shelter down, after the English owner’s desire, who has suffered innumerous humiliations from the inhabitants of the area.

We declare that the shelter is no longer going to close down, no matter how many animals they will kill.

It will remain there active, to remind all the genocide of the animals in “civilized” Kaina.

Ending, we call the people from Kaina to confront us and not the animals. It is at least cowardice to fight helpless creatures. The harm they cause to our country is incalculable, because such an atrocious crime is not hidden, no matter how much you are trying to.

The Animal Welfare Associations of Crete
The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation
The Panhellenic Coordination Committee of 115 Animal Welfare Societies

Please send your protest to the following e-mail


Source: Animal Welfare Association of Chania “The protection of animals”

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