Christmas Appeal

Our Xmas appeal is for donations to fund travel costs in January 2014 sending SEVEN stranded cats & kittens to our colleague’s shelter in the UK for adoption. We have kind van drivers who take them across as & when they can but they cannot take them all.

When they came to us all the cats were sick & injured in some way, many had to be bottle fed & hand reared often they had undergone traumatic limb amputations like Harriet & Hebe or lost eyes like our darling kitten Erasmus who still manages to walk daintily along the fence top to reach feathered friends, no catches so far!

Once healthy & healed our foster mothers take them into their homes for socialisation & have lovingly cared for them whilst we search for adopters. Having bonded with humans from such a young age none can go back to being village cats, they cannot fend for themselves & would in most cases die.

If they cannot travel we shall have no room for the influx of sick kittens/cats in the spring.

Each travel ticket costs £280 that does not include surgery/medicines, veterinary costs, passports & food.

Many thanks to the individuals & organisations who have supported our work this year we appreciate life is difficult, finances are stretched for  humans but these little souls have no one to help them other than us & you.

Season’s Greetings!
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