Arche Noah Kreta Chania

Between 10 and 11 January a two days neutering session of 26 stray animals of the Municipality of Chania was successfully completed by the vet Melanie Stehle member of the association Arche Noah Kreta e.V. : 19 female and 2 male stray cats and 5 female stray dogs from various areas of Chania, where it is a fact that the problem is intense because of the continuous abandonment and uncontrolled breeding, in particular from the areas of Agia, Perivolia, Pasakaki, Nerokourou, Chrisopigi, Akrotiri, Kounoupidiana and from the center of the city.

Veterinary Nurse Christina Schomann & Veterinarian Melanie Stehle

The animals were collected by the Municipality and taken to Lefteris Chatzidakis’ clinic, who selflessly offered his clinic for the session.

Chania Animal Welfare Association “Animal Protection” covered the costs for the medicine, while volunteers helped taking care of the neutered animals, until it was safe for them to be released back where they were collected from.

The success and the importance of this session is based on the fact that the stray animals that have been neutered would have not been neutered otherwise, given the fact that the local animal welfare associations have no funds and it is impossible for the Municipality to cover the cost to neuter thousands of stray animals that live, breed and are abandoned at the streets.

We wish to thank the vet Melanie Stehle and her colleagues for their work and we hope that the two days session will be the beginning of a regular cooperation, as neutering the stray animals is a basic step to handle and gradually reduce the stray population.

The session would have not been realized without the vet Lefteris Chatzidakis’ offer and the help of his associates, especially Tania Aeriniotaki, whom we also thank.

A big thank you to the volunteers that were there, as without their help, no action is ever possible.

We hope that the neutering session will be repeated by Arche Noah Kreta e.V. in the Municipality of Chania in about a month. Those citizens who take care of stray animals, cats and dogs that need to be neutered, may call the competent authority in the Municipality, and the officers will inform them once the session is scheduled.

On behalf of the animal welfare association “Animal Protection”

The President

Efi Tsekmezoglou