Easter appeal

We hope our cat people understand a creature in need is worthy of our help we know many of our cat people have dogs too.

Picture a young dog terrified, freezing cold, hiding behind stinking bins scavenging food passers by leave for her. Her back leg a hideous open wound to the bone, her tail bleeding days go by no one takes her to a vet or gives her shelter. Rescue organisations either can`t or wont help when called let’s face it where all overwhelmed.

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Wild Cat Run

So Sonya did it! She ran 50k pretty much non-stop over the mountains of Crete from the north coast to the south coast, what an absolute legend! The weather was perfect in the end with sunshine and a cool wind. Again, thanks so much for all your support and generous donations to the amazing charity that is The Cat’s Pyjamas.

We will keep your fundraising page open for donations for a further week or so, and again, thank you!!!

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