Acid attack

This affectionate girl was seen by one of our volunteers outside a mini market in Kokkino Chorio, she was begging for food but mutilated from acid/toilet cleaner being thrown deliberately into her face.

Allegedly the sub human who did this was irritated that his own cat’s food was being eaten by this starving girl. This happened approximately a week ago (@Good Friday) & she was left in agony from the toxic substance burning her eye/sinuses/paws causing irreparable damage & infection.

Our dedicated & tireless vets have removed her eye & started treatment for the infection.  She will hopefully do very well but her skin will take time to heal, she is with us for the time being for nursing & re homing.
We are asking for the funds for her care, vaccinations, microchip, and passport in addition flight costs to send her to our colleagues at Woodland Nook in the UK.

If anyone would like to adopt on Crete that would be very welcome.

The local Mayors office & our Greek animal welfare colleagues are actively involved in  seeking to prosecute the offender.